The #1 Job of a Leader

I want you to think of someone that you believe is a great leader. Go ahead… think of someone that you respect as a leader. Have you got their name in your mind? Now, answer this question: What qualities do they possess that makes them a great leader? I’m sure that if we surveyed 100 […]

Are You Focused on the Right Kind of Growth?

We often say that “healthy things grow”. The assumption is that if our church is healthy, our weekend attendance should be growing. I’ve gotten to live all over the country and one of the biggest differences is the many ways that plants grow. In southern California, there is the right combination of sun, soil and […]

It’s All About Perspective

Every now and then we all need a good dose of “perspective”. A few days ago I was preparing a message from an intriguing story in 2 Kings 7. It is the story of 4 lepers sitting at the city gate of Samaria. Surrounding the city is the Aramean army and rather than fight they […]